Baby Shower Gifts

Embroidered Washcloths Baby Gift

Some handy tips for buying baby shower gifts

It’s hard not to get carried away on the swell of good feeling when you’re buying a baby shower gift, and there’s every reason to enjoy spreading good tidings to a growing family. However, you need to be sure you don’t buy a gift that hasn’t been duplicated so often it might not even get removed from the package, or one that isn’t what the new parents need.

Here a few tips to keep you both practical and sentimental.

Pink is good. Too much pink, not so much

There’s nothing wrong with being traditional, but you do need to use a bit of good judgment at the same time. While pink is the colour for the baby girl, there’s no need to limit your gifts to that colour only. Of course you might want to stay away from blue for those little girls, but there are other shades that tell everyone you’ve put a little thought into what you’ve bought. Spring green, white or even lighter shades of brown are nice alternates and the chances are the extra effort will be appreciated.Pico Charlie Cole Baby Gift

Buy for the season

New parents will appreciate all the items they get during a baby shower, but the ones they can use right away will get the bigger accolades. Here’s a hint. If you know someone is pregnant, try to guess at least the general season they’ll give birth in and buy something for a shower that hasn’t even been announced yet. Remember, if you wait until that little bundle of joy arrives, you could find yourself in that tricky time when stores are changing inventories. That could leave you with limited choices.

Gift Certificates Are No Cop-Out

Gift certificates are a great way for new Moms to pick out what they need after all the other gifts have been opened and cataloged. These generally come in several different denominations, making it easy to add some variety. Picking ones to be redeemed at an online gift shop allows new Mommies to shop for what they need from the comfort of their own homes where they can keep a watchful eye on their new bundle.

Finally, take your time, enjoy the process and even get a little creative. Looking through the different gift ideas the Internet supplies might just steer your gifting in directions you might not have otherwise thought of.

Uniquely Flavoured Basilur Ceylon Tea

Basilur Tea

Whether you just like the tradition and mystic that surrounds tea or are an aficionado who knows exactly when to ‘take tea’, one of our latest additions from the far reaches of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is sure to entice the taste buds as well as the need for something on the exotic side.

We’ve brought in Basilur tea as a new item in our online gift shop because it suits our clientele with discerning tastes. It doesn’t matter if you’re more attuned to a rich blend of black teas infused with exotic fruit flavours, a green tea blended together with berries and cream or pure Ceylon black tea and strawberries to name a few choices, Basilur tea offers something both unique and urbane for people with sophisticated tastes.

Basilur Gift Set

Remember any one of these fines choices makes an outstanding Christmas gift or just an everyday expression to that special someone when you want to make an unforgettable gesture. We offer gift wrapping and shipping so there’s really nothing for you to do but select the right blend.

Basilur tea has found a new home in our online gift shop because we know you’ll try it once and make one of these luxurious blends the favoured beverage for all kinds of refined rendezvous’.

Great reasons why you should shop online

Shopping BagsYou might be waffling about shopping online because you’re old fashioned and still remember the glossy pages of the department store catalogues. On the other hand, you could be one of those folks that doesn’t really believe the things you see on the Internet are real and can actually wind up right at your doorstep if your order them. Regardless of which category you fall under, there are many compelling reasons why you should shop online. Here are a few of the bigger ones.


Now while it is true you could shop from home before flipping through the pages of the latest department store catalogue, the inventory you can access online dwarfs what you could expect from those printed publications. Today’s online gift shop can rotate stock in and out from any inventory usually with only a few clicks. The results are more selection at your fingertips.


Find the right online gift shop and you’ll get an all-in-one experience where you don’t even need to get up from your seat to complete the purchase. Gift wrapping and low or even free shipping are just a few of the features that make it easier than ever to buy online.


Setting up an internet based business usually means entrepreneurs can save on advertising, warehousing and other costs associated with the older, more traditional brick and mortar models. Smart online gifts shop owners pass these savings along to you.

Finally, the Internet is the best place to get great gift ideas for those hard to shop for people on any holiday list. A quick search using the right term will supply you with literally thousands of ideas to get you started.

Janod Offers Gift Ideas from France

Buying unique gifts for children can be difficult, especially those that captivate and educate at the same time. As far as well thought out designs lending themselves to hours of enjoyment, the development of motor skills and learning the alphabet, the French company Janod is a fine and welcome addition to our practical and stylish kid’s gifts lineup.

Janod Train Puzzzle

Their Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle will stir interest in all ages when it arrives in a gorgeous hat box complete with an elegant carrying handle. The puzzle comes with animals riding along in each lettered car and is almost 10 feet long when all the 27 pieces are assembled. Each piece is constructed of thick, specially made cardboard with letters of the alphabet clearly imprinted on them. It’s perfect for children three to six years old.

Janod Magnetibook - Vehicles

The wonderful Janod Magnetibook Vehicles toy is a great companion to the floor puzzle and comes in its own stylish and attractive Magnetibook case that looks like a book but carries all the vehicle creator templates and parts. Children from three to eight years will spend hours building vehicles while developing their motor skills with this great gift that also boosts creativity.

Quality Canadian Baby Gifts by Pippalily

Supporting the local economy makes sense under any circumstances but becomes even more satisfying when the baby gifts you’re choosing are handmade right here in Canada from colourful cotton fabric prints.

Pippalily Laceworks Diaper Clutch

Pippalily is a success story that includes a variety of diaper clutches, baby blankets and other items. Pippalily has been featured in Today’s Parent and on CityLine and the owner supports a variety of causes in their community including The Hospital For Sick Children Foundation and The Canadian arm of Feed The Children.

Size, convenience and style all find a common meeting point with any of the diaper clutch options. These are the perfect solution for those times when it’s not necessary to bring the whole diaper bag along. Handy and accessible, these clutches are spacious too with room for four size 6 diapers, a travel wipes case and an interior pocket for everything like keys and a debit card for Mom.

Pippalily Laceworks Minky Blanket

Pippalily’s high quality handmade baby blankets make for unique gifts that show without reservation how much you care, they offer soft plush minky chenille on one side and stylish cotton fabric on the other. Perfect for the stroller or car seat, these all come with soft rounded edges that have baby in mind.

Combine a baby blanket with a matching diaper clutch for the perfect baby shower gift.

Safe and Organic. Two wonderful words to associate with baby gifts

Baby Gift BoutiqueBechimex is a Canadian company whose baby gifts blend safe cuddly materials with uncompromising craftsmanship.
From the lovingly embroidered Elephant in the Elephant Baby Gift Set that comes complete with an organic cotton hat and bodysuit in a cloth covered box that can double as a diaper container or storage for other baby things, to the adorable Monkey Baby Gift Set that is made of 100% organic cotton, these make perfect baby shower gifts from a thoughtful relative or friend.

Baby Shower Gift - Monkey
Bechimex offers a diaper bag and other unique gifts sure to impress with a nod to fine, cute detail that’s apparent in each and every one. There’s also a commitment here at What A Jewel to bringing our valued clients the best in baby gifts, some of which are made right here in Canada, as well as the best from around the world.
To that end, we’ve been careful to put together baby gifts and accessories that cover all the bases for you, to make your shopping experience a seamless and enjoyable one. That’s why we offer both gift wrapping and a choice of shipping options, so everything you need is right here on one site.

Online Shopping Survey Canada

Made in Canada

Business Development Bank of Canada Survey Touts Shopping Online

The chances are if you’re reading this article, you already understand why buying from an online gift shop generally, and one that features Made in Canada products like our Warm Buddy items specifically, is a great idea. However, if you need a quick refresher on the advantages of both, the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) recently published some of their findings just prior to the Christmas Gift season.

Although there were five trends that included consumers showing a preference for Canadian made items as the ethical and environmental choice outlined in the survey, these same respondents leaned toward the internet as an outstanding place to buy unique gifts.

Shopping from start to finish, right from the comfort of your own home is one of the biggest advantages to shopping online. When you consider the BDC survey also says that 46% of consumers do their research online, you’ll see why clicking on our site to get all of your Christmas gifts, offers a complete one-stop experience and the only place you’ll need.

The BDC also reports that 45% of consumers have recently made an effort to buy Canadian. We have that covered at What A Jewel with an excellent selection including wonderful Canadian brands like Pico Charlie Cole, Saxon Chocolate, Barefoot VenusPippalily, Dazzling Gourmet etc., to complement any holiday gatherings.

Canadian Made Jewellery

Timeless, Graceful and Unique: Don’t Bypass Howling Dog Art Jewelley This Holiday Season

Pearl Pendant

Big box stores sell big box items that are okay for some holiday shoppers. There’s nothing wrong with checking off the names on your Christmas Gifts lists as you wheel a shopping cart up and down their aisles, but here at What A Jewel, we strive to look after those tastes that are a little different and a lot more discerning.

To that end, we’re especially proud to showcase the Made in Canada items like the elegant offerings from Christine Ng-Nickerson and her brand, Howling Dog Art Jewellery.

Silver Bracelet

This self-taught designer has enjoyed a career spanning 13 years and has had her work showcased in fine boutiques nationally. Here you find an exceptional inventory of the finest pendants, earrings and even a Seaglass Silver Bracelet that will quickly enter the category of unique gifts always cherished and never forgotten.

Simple classic design that works for everyday or special occasions is the benchmark and one look at the Blue Starfish Pendant and you’ll understand how irreplaceable this piece made in British Columbia can be.

Remember you’ll find nothing from Howling Dog Art Jewellery on any department store shelves. You can purchase the jewellery from our online gift shop, we will gift wrap it and deliver it.

Make Gift Shopping Easy

Here are a few easy ways to make holiday shopping for unique gifts less stressful

Gift Wrapped Box

Tis the season to be jolly, and stressed out for a lot of holiday shoppers. Long lines, not knowing what to buy for that hard to please person on the list, and the general belt tightening that’s become the norm. When you’ve got those factors and others weighing on you, choosing Christmas gifts isn’t always all that much fun. Here’s a few ways to make it festive again.

Gift List

Start by taking some of Saint Nick’s advice even if you’re an adult and not looking for a delightful Baby Gift, and make a list anyway.  Organization is everything on this busiest of seasons, so make a list of people and include some gift ideas and the maximum you want to spend for each person.

Remember to start early and if you are shopping at an online gift shop make sure you check up on the shipping and delivery times.  Waiting until the last minute means many of the premier Christmas Gifts like the beautiful Canadian Made Jewellery by Howling Dog Art, might be sold out, as stores may not be able to replenish stocks until the new year.

Glass Shell Pendant by Howling Dog Art

Finally, be sure to take advantage of those little extras like the direct shipping to friends and family living far away and the gift wrapping services that are offered by the high end online gift shops.