Looking for gifts for her? How about gifts for men or even baby shower gifts?

Everyone that lives in North America is aware their computer is about so much more than playing games and they can do a myriad of things through their personal black box including shopping for everything from birthday gifts to something for Mother’s Day.

That’s fair enough you might say, but I’m set in my ways and don’t shop online. You might not be completely comfortable with the experience and, while that’s reasonable, there are some excellent arguments why you need to give Internet based shopping a fair chance. Here’s a few that should sway you over.

Mother’s Day Gifts

Buying gifts for her can take up a lot of time when you need to run from store to store to shop, and that’s not to mention the cost of gas as prices start to creep back up again. Looking for and finding exactly the right thing for Mother’s Day or is made much easier when you can shop from the comfort of your own home at stores that are open 24 hours a day, usually seven days a week. Remember that only some online gift retailers offer FREE gift wrapping and a personalized card, with shipping right to your door.

Gift Bundles

One of the other big advantages is the fact you can get products that aren’t available in your local ‘brick and mortar’ stores. It was only a decade ago that you needed to be happy with whatever was stocked locally but now online shopping has changed all that. Gift bundles, pre-packaged gifts and specialty orders on gifts from around the world are only a click away online.

Finally, it’s much easier to compare offers when you’re shopping on the Internet. Whether you’re looking for that perfect gift for her or for him, or something in between, you’ll find everything that you need from great online gift retailers.

USA Customers Get Huge Discount

Made in CanadaIt’s a great time to be a shopper for our friends south of the border. American shoppers are now getting a 20%+ discount just for shopping in Canada due to the slumping Canadian dollar. For a long while it was the other way around, so why not take advantage and buy some incredible Canadian products at bargain prices.

The unique and popular Canadian made Warm Buddy animals, spa heat wraps and therapy products are just one example.Measuring Spoons

Basic Spirit lead free pewter gift items from Pugwash Nova Scotia.

Many baby gifts from Toronto and other gifts from around the world can be ordered online and shipped to your door.

Take advantage of this opportunity now, who knows how long it will last.


Baby Gifts to Make Little Ones Smile During the Holidays

We offer a wide variety of excellent gifts for every occasion and every person on your list whether you’re looking to buy specifically for the Holidays or need gift ideas for any other time of the year.Cute Baby

Christmas and the Holidays are about putting a smile on the faces of those you love and there’s nothing more endearing than seeing the little ones smiling when they get something special from our gift shop.

That’s why you owe it to yourself to look at the fine selection of baby gifts we stock. Known as an industry leader when it comes to luxury plush toys, Kaloo baby gifts are renowned for their expert design, quality and one of a kind presentation boxes that bolster the line’s overall appeal.Kaloo Musical Ball RabbitThe Kaloo Musical Ball Rabbit is a fine example of the attention to detail you get with each and every one of these wonderful toys. This little musical toy is made up of a patchwork of bright cotton velour colors sewn together and meet or exceed both American and European safety standards.

The Kaloo Musical Ball Rabbit is a perfectly safe gift that will enchant the little ones at Christmas and year round. Why not take advantage of our shipping department that will wrap and deliver this soft plump musical companion right to the front door of the parents of that special baby on your list?

Bags and Purses She’ll Love Well After Christmas Is Over

We always keep an interesting assortment of bags and purses on hand for her during the festive season, and it’s always important for us to show off the great and stylish products that make wonderful gifts she’ll love even after the Holidays are over.Bamboo Purse

If you’re looking at presenting that special lady with something like the exquisite Bamboo Coin Purse we offer that’s stylish and made form nothing less than woven bamboo strips, you’ve got history on your side. As far back as the 15th century, a purse was an appropriate gift from a groom to his new bride, even if they didn’t get married on a high holiday.Diagonal Change Purse

Looking for something that speaks to a more unique nature? The Diagonal Coin Purse in our inventory is made from durable soft leather. This truly unique Canadian made item is large enough to hold more than just coins.

Disorganized? We have you covered, with a range of handbag, jewellery, cosmetic and toiletry organizers by RubysClosetBaganizer

Choosing our gift shop is the right way to go regardless of who you’re shopping for. We offer everything from baby gifts and birthday gifts to a wide range of made in Canada items that are well made and durable.

Here are a Few Fun Facts about the Christmas Season

It’s almost that time of year again when the little ones will be hanging their stockings and making lists to be sent away to Jolly Old Saint Nick in the North Pole. The older crowd will get into the spirit of the Holidays as well and that means there might be a few instances of liquid merriment best served in the spirit of the day with one of our quirky and cool Wine or Beer Presenter products. Wine Presenter

Made from metal with a black lead free nickel plating, this is one of the more interesting ways you’ll find to display wine around Christmas and New Years and we even offer the convenience of shipping your gifts right to your door or to the address of the person it’s intended for.

You might even find a moment over the coming holidays to reflect on the fact that presents are opened different ways around the world during these festive times.

For example, in some European countries children open their gifts earlier than the usual observance on December 25th that’s common here in Canada as well as the United States and UK. Children in Holland start opening presents on December 5th and some places hold off until January 6th before the wrappings come off.

Regardless of where you are and what time-frame you observe, we have some unique ideas at What A Jewel that will light up anyone’s smile. Don’t really know what will tickle that special someone’s fancy? Why not select one of our gift certificates that come in a range of denominations? We have gift ideas to suit everyone.

Some Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Credit CardWhile there’s no doubt online shopping is the modern, convenient way to get those names on your list crossed off, you need to keep in mind there are people who want to scam you in cyberspace as well. That said, we want you to have a safe and enjoyable shopping experience with us at our gift shop, so we’ve decided a add a few tips for safe online shopping that you’ll want to keep close by.

For example, when you’re looking for unique gifts, we have just what you need for that hard to buy for person on your list, but we recommend you don’t use public WiFi to complete the transaction or any Wi-Fi network that is not secure.  As tempting as it might be to use your iPad or mobile device in a mall, coffee shop or crowded store that has free Wi-Fi, you could be putting your personal information at risk.

It’s best if you wait until you’re on a protected network before you start typing in personal information and shelling out payments.

Always look for the little padlock or “https” in the URL bar on the checkout page. Remember, our checkout is safe and secure and is an integral part of our overall dedication to your 100% satisfaction, during the holidays and any other time of the year.

Support your local businesses. Keep in mind many of our gift ideas are made in Canada.

A Few Great Reasons Why Women Should Shop Online This Holiday Season

Elf with Christmas ParcelsIt’s getting colder outside but that means the holidays are getting closer so our thoughts are warming up even as the mercury dips. Getting those winter clothes out is just behind Christmas shopping on many women’s priority list and in the busy world we live in, any new innovation that can improve on either of these traditional activities is essential.

That said, here’s a great few reasons why you should fill everyone’s stocking by shopping online at our gift shop this Holiday season.

• Shopping on the internet is more direct. Why go through the bother of dealing with pushy sales people, aggressive parking lots and lugging bags from store to store? You can shop from the comfort of your own home and cross names off that holiday list with a coffee in your hand and your computer right in front of you.

• Shopping online brings the inventory to you. Comparison shopping for the best deals and all the latest items is much easier when it all comes to you. Even the latest items, like our Ruby’scloset Make-up File can be bought right through our online checkout and shipped to the recipient’s destination. This is one of our unique gifts that has been designed in Australia and is perfect Christmas gift for the woman who like to be organized. Why not check out this very special product and the many other original gifts.

• Still looking for some more reasons to shop online this holiday season? How about the fact that if you really want an opinion on, you can email the link and get a response via email from the person you think might like these gift ideas?

Coming Soon – New Gifts for Christmas

It’s that time again when we need to start looking for those gifts for Christmas. Are you a chaotic last minute shopper or an organized list making early shopper?

No matter which, we will be uploading our new gifts for the holidays soon.

We have some exciting new products and some returning old favourites from Warm Buddy that will be arriving in early October. There are also new products for women and babies from Basic Spirit. Both of these companies products are made in Canada.Bunny SlippersSleep Sheep

It’s always difficult to find a gift for a man so we decided to make things a little easier for you by finding some high quality gift items that he will really like. Hint: Man cave bar-ware.

Our last order of Christmas themed tins of delicious Belgian chocolate and goodies sold out so quickly last year we decided to get more and to add to the range. Yummmm! The staff are eying them as I write this, so please order them soon, before they lose control.

Peppermint BarkChocolate MiceTreats Suitcase

Lulujo has a beautiful new Turkish Towel. These are soft, absorbent multi-purpose towels are made from cotton and are ideal for the beach, bath, picnics etc.

Turkish Towels

Just some of the new items coming soon.

Many of our popular products are now all fully stocked.

The Search is On

Stop WatchIt’s Holiday Shopping Time Again

Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again. We have been to the trade shows and have found many new and exciting products which we will be uploading to the website over the next couple of months.

There are some new products and returning favourites from Canadian brands like Warm Buddy and Basic Spirit. We have also found some really unique products for men.

We will shortly be having a huge CLEARANCE SALE to make room for the new stock. Please check or facebook and twitter pages regularly for news. This will be a great opportunity to purchase holiday gifts and other items at a huge discount.

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and Small Business

Like all of you I hate spam emails and I totally agree with trying to stop spam. However, I don’t think these new laws will have any effect on the amount of junk email we get; all it will do is further hinder legitimate Canadian small businesses from getting their products and services seen by the public. Small businesses do not have the big advertising budgets of the big corporations for TV, Radio and Print, so they have to use email, online and social media to get their message out.

Anyone who owns a small business in Canada knows that is an uphill battle to get established and while the government keeps on saying that they want to help small business. It’s all talk.

What is spam?
Everybody defines spam differently but the most despised emails are for pharmaceuticals, porn, foreign email and bogus “fishing” emails.

Where do the real spammers get your email address?
There are many hackers who “scrape” the internet to find email address; you may innocently have given your email address to somebody in a post, on your website, on social media or in a chat. Many companies buy and sell their lists of email addresses.

If the government really wants to stop spam email, it cannot do it alone. It can only be done in conjunction with our neighbours to the south and in fact with all the countries of the world supporting it. The likelihood of this happening is …… well let’s just say ….. it’s not going to happen. The Canadian government said it will fine and go after people and companies in other countries who send spam emails to Canada. Hah! What a joke.

So, all that has happened is that in place of “junk” emails coming from Canada they will come from the USA etc. and legitimate Canadian small business will get another nail in its coffin.